Boxcar Nib

Boxcar Nib
HowTo Split Steakers [Markals] for 2 Color Graffiti Tagging

Clutter Piles

Clutter Piles
Conquer Clutter Creep


A Year in Reading: Elizabeth Minkel (themillionsblog)

It’s the sort of book that turns you into an evangelist, in an almost
embarrassing way, like, reaching into your purse to wave a copy in peoples’
faces when someone casually mentions, “I hear you’re writing about cricket?”

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Yard Switcher

Yard Switcher
UPY Genset Switchers at UP Aurant Yard


Train Engine

Train Engine
HD Rare 5 engine freight train PW 2303 (4-29-09)


Exploring Walt Disney's train barn (ocregister)

Before there was a Disneyland Railroad, Walt Disney had his own miniature live
steam railroad at his home in Holmby Hills. The Carolwood Pacific Railroad,
named after the street where the home was on, included a building where the
engine and rolling...