Yard Switcher

Yard Switcher
UPY Genset Switchers at UP Aurant Yard


Train Engine

Train Engine
HD Rare 5 engine freight train PW 2303 (4-29-09)


Exploring Walt Disney's train barn (ocregister)

Before there was a Disneyland Railroad, Walt Disney had his own miniature live
steam railroad at his home in Holmby Hills. The Carolwood Pacific Railroad,
named after the street where the home was on, included a building where the
engine and rolling...


Caboose Car

Caboose Car
Sanborn, IA. Old gas Stations,Cars and Cabooses found. Ride my Goldwing & Night Flying too!


Investigators seek cause of NJ train accident (KSAT)

Federal investigators on Saturday were trying to unravel the disastrous
sequence of events that happened when a New Jersey bridge collapsed and a
freight train derailed, partially spilling its toxic cargo and causing the
evacuation of nearly 50 homes.

It is unclear which came first -- the derailment or the bridge collapse, said
National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Debbie Hersman. The bridge
near Paulsboro had a problem before and was rebuilt in 2009, she said.

A man who lives next to the tracks, Gary Stephenson, told The Philadelphia
Enquirer that the crash should not have been a complete surprise to Conrail,
which owns and operates the bridge. He told the paper that noises used to come
from the bridge, and that they stopped after it was rebuilt but recently
started again.

Hundreds of responders were cleaning up the accident site Saturday and
monitoring the air for dangerous levels of vapor from the vinyl chloride that
leaked from at least one tank car into Mantua Creek.

Friday night, teams applied a water mist over the derailed cars to keep the
vapor cloud down.

Saturday morning, crews found slightly elevated levels of fumes in the
immediate area, but still well ...


Bethgon Coalporter

Bethgon Coalporter
Walthers Gold Line Bethgon Coalporters

Realistic Coal

Realistic Coal
Minecraft In Real Life: Mining Coal