Scale Set

Scale Set
Necroxia - Quest dragon scale set


'Slumber Party Barbie' Diet Book From 1965 Offers Troubling Weight Loss Advice (PHOTOS) (Huffington post)

Many fad diets are based on ridiculous premises: eat lots of cabbage!; inject
yourself with hormones produced by pregnant women!; staple your ears!

Now, courtesy of a 1965-era Barbie, comes another outlandish idea to help keep
the pounds off: starvation. We've always known Mattel's iconic Barbie doll may
not be the most healthful source for advice on keeping a trim figure, but the
"Slumber Party Barbie," produced in the mid-1960s, really takes the cake.

Among the doll's accessories are a small plastic scale permanently set to 110
lbs., and a diet book titled "How To Lose Weight," because who doesn't go to a
sleepover without their diet book?


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