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Indiana Basketball: IU fans, it’s time to let the schedule stuff go (indystar)

It has become an every day occurrence. I'll get an email -- or six -- from an
"IU fan" claiming that they're sick and tired of IU's cupcake non-conference
schedule. Indiana needs to play someone, a real opponent, the "IU fan" will
say. The Hoosiers need to play a true road game to get ready for Big Ten play.
Indiana's record is a sham because of the teams the Hoosiers are playing. Let
me say once and for all that Indiana's schedule is what it is. Yes, it's
filled with cupcakes. Yes, the Hoosiers don't have a true road game until New
Year's Eve in the Big Ten opener at Iowa. But a sham? Now I think you're going
too far. Ollie in Wisconsin was the latest "IU fan" to go off on Tom Crean and
the Hoosiers in an email to me that I received shortly after the end of IU's
93-54 victory over Mount St. Mary's Wednesday night. First of all, let's talk
about cupcakes. Yes, IU has a nearly full cupcake tray in the Assembly Hall
oven. The Hoosiers play Bryant, North Dakota State, Sam Houston State, Coppin
State, Central ...