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Grand Trunk

Grand Trunk
Vintage Grand Trunk Western Trains In Chicago 1989


Bao Train and Dorian Gray (Dawn-All-News)

Without the mention of Bao Train – a reference to the formally dressed
students and office workers who took this train, Gujranwala remains an
incomplete story.


Scale Npairssitting

Scale Npairssitting

Scale City

Scale City
N scale City Layout


Smartest Cities In America: Fast Company Ranks Brainiest Cities (PHOTOS) (Huffington post)

How brainy is your 'hood? That's the question posed by Dr. Boyd Cohen in a
recent article published in Fast Company.

Cohen looked at cities across North America and rated them on a "smart city"
scale based on characteristics ranging from livability to innovative
technology use.

Cohen argues that "smart cities" prioritize green buildings techniques,
entrepreneurship, societal inclusiveness, mixed-modal transportation access,
governmental transparency and overall safety, among other things.


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