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EXCLUSIVE: Kathy Griffin Reveals Big Change To Talk Show, Huge Guests (AOL Television)

"Kathy" is going live. Kathy Griffin's Bravo talk show returns with new
episodes on January 10 with one big change: The unpredictable host will be
coming to you live. To celebrate the new season and format, Griffin has tapped
two big names for the premiere: Liza Minnelli and Jane Lynch.

"I'm very excited. I have such a crazy and fantastic time happening," Griffin
told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "Liza, Jane Lynch and ... I
guess I can't say who the third person is ... But I do feel like when you have
guests that are in a combination that might be a little atypical, combined
with me and a very nervous network, something good is going to happen."

In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post, Griffin revealed the
genesis behind the switch to live, her dream guests and what has her most
worried now there's no editing room floor.

**Do you have your own personal censor at this point?**

I have several. There's a team of gay men who are probably going to be so
excited to see Liza, that they may be giving me the gay gasp while I'm ...

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Bay Center

Bay Center
Tim Armstrong "East Bay Night" At: Guitar Center


Florida Teacher Evaluation Results Retracted For Education Department Miscalculations (Huffington post)

Florida's Department of Education released the first results of a sweeping new
teacher evaluation system Wednesday morning that sought to provide more
accurate data on teacher effectiveness and increase accountability.

But state officials retracted the information just hours later, citing
inaccuracies: thousands of teachers were double-counted as a result of
duplicate job codes, the Tampa Bay Times Reports. The reports rated 95 percent
of the state's teachers as "effective," according to WTSP, but showed results
for 23,970 teachers, when the state actually employs fewer than 15,000

Florida Education Department spokesperson Cynthia Sucher told the Times that
the error is "distressing" to the agency. But those who have been critical of
the new evaluations were not surprised -- like the National Center for Fair &
Open Testing, otherwise known as FairTest and a longtime critic of high-stakes


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