Scale Feet

Scale Feet
Spiderman scales Abu Dhabi's tallest building


The Mine Kafon: A Low-Cost, Wind-Powered Minefield Clearing Device Hits Kickstarter (crunchgear?)

We brought you a video back at the end of November that showed off Massoud
Hassani's mine-clearing device, the Mine Kafon, based on a wind-powered
child's toy. Now, the Afghan industrial designer has taken the suggestions of
a number of our commenters and put the project on Kickstarter. Hassani is
looking for £100,000 to make the Kafons and document the process.


Vehicle Car

Vehicle Car
WaterCar - Amphibious Car Python Edition at Lake Havasu and Newport Beach CA "American Deamin"


David Hill, Kansas Man, Gets Fined $300 After Decorating Truck With 856 Christmas Lights For Charity (PHOTOS) (Huffington post)

Talk about an outlet for creativity. A Kansas man has decorated his truck with
856 Christmas lights.

David Hill of Wichita, Kan., pulled the colorful stunt as a way to raise
awareness and money for his charity -- but in doing so, he has received a $300
fine from the Wichita Police Department, reports.

"When you take a vehicle and you cover it with that many lights, it's an issue
of safety," Lt. Joe Schroeder with the Wichita Police Department told "You're going to get the rubberneckers who are going to be staring
at the vehicle. They're going to have a collision or rear end somebody because
they're too busy looking at this car that's driving down the road," he told
the news outlet.


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Fairmont Wagon

Fairmont Wagon
Turbo Ford Fairmont wagon drag race