Buses Free

Buses Free
Nakamura Hits Free Kick Into A Moving Bus


Caltrain can't afford to install Wi-Fi (SF Gate)

Caltrain can't afford to install Wi-Fi

Caltrain's wired customers can find free wireless Internet almost anywhere -
in cafes, bars, airports, even trains and buses - but if they settle in for an
hour-long ride on Caltrain, they open their laptops and are greeted with "no
signal." While private commuter buses along the Peninsula and public commuter
trains from the Bay Area to Sacramento offer free Internet access to riders,
Caltrain lags behind. Capitol Corridor Intercity Rail Service, which runs
commuter trains between Oakland and Sacramento, launched Wi-Fi on all its
trains in late 2011 and has seen a 2 percent increase in ridership. "People
are increasingly used to having access to wireless (Internet), whether it's at
a coffee shop or even on a plane now," said Jayme Ackemann, a Caltrain
spokeswoman. Wi-Fi access has been the most-requested amenity among Caltrain
riders for years, said Andy Chow, president of transit advocacy group BayRail
Alliance, citing a survey the group did at a recent transit summit. [...]
Caltrain hopes a local tech company might want to sponsor part or all of the
cost of implementing Wi-Fi as a way to promote its service and reach
Caltrain's passengers, ...

SF Gate

Lease Locomotive

Lease Locomotive
ERS Railways newest Lease Class66 locomotive JT4 +other class66(dead in burn)+ sick Trainhorn!!!

Cut Stone

Cut Stone
Splitting & Cutting Stone


57 Timeless Quotes for 2013 (Forbes)

You and I are cut from the same stone.