Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
National Geographic - Amazing Flight Over The Grand Canyon

Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda to cross gorge near Grand Canyon today (indystar)

Daredevil Nik Wallenda is using the Navajo Nation as a backdrop to one of his
most ambitious feats yet - crossing a tightrope 1,500 feet above the Little
Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon.


Test Car

Test Car

Guide Dog Helps Trainers Escape From Oncoming Car (VIDEO) (Huffington post)

A guide dog-in-training earned his stripes Monday morning when he alerted his
handler and a fellow trainer to an out-of-control car seconds before it
barreled into them.

Todd Jurek, a training supervisor for Guide Dogs For The Blind, was
accompanying O'Neill, an 18-month-old labrador, and apprentice instructor
Danielle Alvarado, who was blindfolded, on a field test in San Rafael, Calif.,
when a black car nearly backed into them, the Marin Independent Journal

Security cameras show O'Neill spotting the vehicle, and the group immediately
running for safety.


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Huffington post

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner
AIR CONDITIONER | Relaxing White Noise For Great Sleep (10 Hours)

Street-legal bumper car makes the road your carnival (Albuquerque Journal)

Get ready for the ride of your life.

(Credit: bumpercarguy)

I've seen street-legal bumper cars made out of vehicles from vintage amusement
park rides, but this is the first time I've seen a real full-size car
transformed into a giant bumper car. The well-named seller, bumpercarguy, is
parting with his sweet wheels on eBay. There are only a handful of hours left
for you to get your bid in.

The base of the unusual vehicle is a 1984 Dodge Colt 1.6-liter turbo. Yep, a
turbo bumper car. What could possibly go wrong? The exterior has been
customized from fiberglass to make it look like the outside of a big red
bumper car. It even has the pole sticking out the back that would make the
electrical connection in a real bumper car.

The unique vehicle features a cold air conditioner, two new front tires, and a
$1,500 stereo for listening to calliope music. So far, bidding has reached
$2,020, but the reserve hasn't been met.

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Platform Set

Platform Set
Pierce platform set up operations

Comcast's new X2 platform saves TV shows online (Philadelphia Daily News)

Worried about filling up your DVR? The nation's largest cable TV provider,
Comcast Corp., is unveiling a new, compact set-top box that does away with the
hard drive and saves your TV shows online.

Philadelphia Daily News

Rural Station

Rural Station
Rural Station

A peek into a pro-life paradise (feministe-blog)

I'm sure many Feministe readers have been closely following the story of
Beatriz, a young Salvadoran mother with lupus who was pregnant with an
anencephalic fetus. The pregnancy, which was doomed because the fetus had only
a brainstem but no brain, was killing her. Her kidneys were shutting down, and
the longer they were under stress, the higher the likelihood that if she
didn't die, she would need to be on dialysis for the rest of her life -- a
major hardship and almost definitely a life-shortener for a woman living in
rural El Salvador with very limited access to health care. Doctors said
Beatriz needed an abortion, but El Salvador has some of the strictest pro-life
laws in the world, and their courts refused her the procedure under the logic
that her life wasn't imminently threatened (apparently since she would die in
a few days or weeks, not minutes) and that it's never ok to prioritize a
woman's life over a fetus's life. Doctors in El Salvador got around the law by
waiting until the 26th week of pregnancy and then performing a Cesarean
section -- a procedure everyone knew would result in ...


Chesapeake Ohio

Chesapeake Ohio
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad newsreel - "George Washington Railroad" - 1941 Trains

Propane Fuel

Propane Fuel
DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert from Gas to Propane

2013 #Summer #Gear Guide (morningcall)

Now that we’re past Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, it’s time to
delve into some of the equipment and gear that will help make the Summer of
2013 your best outdoors season ever. After the tragic super tornado that hit
Moore, Oklahoma, and with NOAA's warnign for six...


Flxible Bus

Flxible Bus
Revised video of Dave & Carol Lang's bus, May 15, 2010.wmv

Gauge Antique

Gauge Antique
Les Paul Classic Antique & The Lee pnws some 13 gauge win

Memorial Day weekend activities around NM (Albuquerque Journal)

May 22-27: Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally Get ready for the rumble
as 30,000 bikers from all different backgrounds line Main Street for one
unforgettable party. Live music... Read more »

Albuquerque Journal

Viaduct Sectionunitrack

Viaduct Sectionunitrack