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Truck Van

Cover, Synopsis & TOC: “Dead North” edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (SF Signal)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia has just revealed more disturbingly awesome cover art,
this time for an upcoming anthology Dead North, due in stores on October 1.
The artwork is by Simon Siwak. Here’s the synopsis: In Canada, the dead won’t
lie quietly. After the apocalypse, a lone human chases zombies across an icy
landscape. Whales return from [...]

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SF Signal

Antenna Stands

Antenna Stands
S7400 and S9500 stands for Motorola AN400 RFID antenna from Codegate

Asteroid zips past Earth with moon in tow (KSAT)

The world is OK -- at least this time -- and scientists are psyched.

An asteroid dubbed 1998 QE2 whizzed past Earth on Friday, with its own moon in

"#asteroidQE2 has sailed harmlessly past Earth," NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory tweeted around 5 p.m. ET.

It got within about 3.6 million miles of our planet. That's close relatively
given the vastness of space, but still more than 15 times the distance from
wherever you are to our moon.

The fly-by had astronomers less fearful and more excited about getting the
"best look at this asteroid ever," according to NASA.

The resulting images should be of similar quality to those obtained when
spacecraft get up close to asteroids, Lance Benner of NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory said.

Scientists have been rubbing their hands for a decade and a half for this
opportunity since they discovered the asteroid on August 19, 1998, the year
for which it is named. The letter "Q" stands for the month of August.

"As my old friend, radar astronomer Steve Ostro used to say, spaceship Earth
is making a fly-by of the asteroid, so we're going to exploit the capabilities
of the radars to understand as ...


Scale Pennsylvania

Scale Pennsylvania
HO Scale - Pennsylvania RR

The Do LaB: From Warehouse Parties With Bassnectar to Major Music Festivals (Vibe)

__L.A.-based art collective the Do LaB is known for a lot of things. They
promote concerts and throw festivals, but they're also known for building
large-scale art installations that take over the space at these events. Maybe
you've come across their bright-colored camp smack-dab in the middle of
Coachella over the years? Maybe you've been to their Southern California music
and art festival Lightning in a Bottle? __

_This here is the story of how the Do LaB came to be. How a group of starving
artists -- twin brothers Jesse and Josh Flemming, younger brother Dede and
some close pals -- found a downtown L.A. warehouse to throw parties in and
eventually turned things around into a legit business. Along the way they
embraced their mistakes and turned them …well, quite frankly, into magic, or
otherworldly environments people are meant to enjoy and get lost in._

The Flemming brothers grew up in rural Pennsylvania. “You could stand in our
yard and reach over the barbwire fence and pet cows,” Jesse tells VIBE seated
at the Do LaB’s current downtown L.A. warehouse. ”We were always really active
and needed a lot of stimulation, so we ...


Coal Depot

Coal Depot

Microscale Decal

Microscale Decal
How to Apply Decals, add Detail Parts and Weather a Locomotive, Part 1 - Decals

Csx Transportation

Csx Transportation
CSX Transportation Overview

CSX nears completion of plans for $90 million train yard (baltmoresun)

A spokesman for CSX Transportation said the railroad expects to complete plans
next month for a $90 million truck and train terminal in South Baltimore to
serve port container traffic.


Microscale Decals

Microscale Decals
How to Apply Decals, add Detail Parts and Weather a Locomotive, Part 1 - Decals


Safe Synthetic

Safe Synthetic
Brownells - Synthetic-Safe Gun Scrubber


UNL engineers develop new strong, yet tough nanofibers (Slash Gear)

An engineering team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have just developed
a new nanofiber that is simultaneously tough and strong. Strength determines
how well a material can carry a load, while toughness determines how much
energy is required to break said material. Before, it was believed that you
would have to sacrifice one attribute for

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Slash Gear

Curved Snap

Curved Snap
YKK® SNAD® Adhesive Backed Flexible Base Stud


Twin Bay

Twin Bay
Twin Bay Villas


Minnesota Vikings: Greg Jennings likes how he looks in purple (twincities)

For the first time since he was a rookie with the Green Bay Packers in 2006,
Greg Jennings is trying to master a new offensive system. He's in the early
days of working with Christian Ponder after spending his entire career with
Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. He's renting, not buying, he said, because real
estate prices in the Twin Cities are quite a bit steeper than in Green Bay.