Gauge Layout

Gauge Layout
Ray Puls American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout Part 1


2012's Biggest Mac Leaks and Rumors (Macrumors)

The iPhone and iPad tend to dominate the rumor scene for a number of reasons.
Most signficantly, the total audience for iOS devices is larger and growing
more rapidly than for Macs. Apple's Mac line has of course also been growing,
but at a much slower place. Also, given the maturity of the line, changes in
the Mac line tend to be more incremental.

Still, looking back, we've seen a fair number of Mac-related leaks that
preceded each product launch.

Perhaps the most reliable leaks have been from benchmark suites such as
Geekbench, as we've seen benchmark leaks of unreleased Mac products several
times now. These have all turned out to be accurate predictors of final Mac
releases, sometimes with a several month lead time.

Here are some of the photo leaks we saw in 2012 for the Mac:

**13" MacBook Pro**

13.3" MacBook Pro Specs - June 2012

This pre-WWDC 13" MacBook Pro leak revealed that the 13" MacBook Pro would see
little in the way of upgrades. Despite many comments about the easy fake-
ability of the leak, the image turned out to be accurate. The 13" MacBook Pro
wouldn't see Retina upgrades until later ...


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