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Long Wood
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Dean Jensen and the art of reinvention (jsonline)

Stepping off the elevator that day at the Milwaukee Sentinel, it seemed
suddenly obvious to Dean Jensen. He didn’t much care for newspapering
any more.

He’d just come off a luxurious, yearlong fellowship. He’d put
together one of the most popular exhibits ever staged in Milwaukee. And,
he’d pretty much done it all at the paper.

Within a year, Jensen, the newspaper’s art critic, left journalism and
opened an art gallery, which a quarter of a century later remains one of the
most vital and important in the region.

With an anniversary exhibit on his gallery walls today, an excellent show
that’s not selling particularly well, and a gallery scene he calls
“worrisome,” Jensen’s life is about to cross another

This time, it’s about a story Jensen found long ago as a reporter on an
assignment he hated. It’s about a book that took Jensen 30 years to
write, that he wrote twice, in fact, but that captured the attention of a
literary agent in minutes and prompted a bidding war among publishers.

Jensen’s book “Queen of the Air” is a real-life “Water
for Elephants”-like tale about the circus and the most famous
entertainer in the world at ...


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